Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your shutters

DIY Shutters 16/04/2020 01:06:14 PM

Here at DIY Shutters we’re adjusting to the changing landscape. We’re looking after our staff and their needs, from manufacturers to team experts, who are still looking after your shutter queries and requirements.
With us here to help, you’re never really alone in this regard. We’re dedicated to helping you create the home – and windows - you deserve, every step of the way.
Let us know how we can help and how we can continue to improve your journey with DIY Shutters. Together, we have all the tools we need!

We’ve also added some frequently asked questions to cover all there is to know:

Q: I’d like to order DIY shutters, can I still do that?

In one word: Yes! Everyone is reprioritising but we’re finding that some people are using this as an opportunity to complete projects that they just didn’t have time for before. The idea of Doing It Yourself has never seemed so relevant.

Q: Where are DIY Shutters made?

All of our shutters are manufactured in China. The factory is up and running and we’re keeping close communications with everyone there.

Q: Can I still call in and speak to a shutter expert?

Please do! Our team are still on hand, albeit working from home so we all stay safe. You can contact us in the usual ways: via email, Live Chat or give us a call
We’re here to help!

Q: Are the lead times currently longer?

Our standard lead time is 10-12 weeks and that seems to be a good estimate at the moment! Delivery information is updated regularly on our website should anything change.

Q: Do you send someone to my home to measure for shutters?

No. As our name suggests we are all about doing it yourself! No need for any consultants, surveyors or home visits.

Q: I have already placed an order for shutters, when will they arrive?

The lead time quoted when you placed your order is a good estimate for timings. If anything is to change, we will update you and the Delivery page on our website.

There may be some delays at port, but we’re working closely with the authorities there to ensure all orders are processed quickly. You will receive an email with delivery updates as soon as we have information. If you have any further questions regarding this, give us a call.

Q: Is it safe to receive the shutters from the courier?

All the staff working at the port, in our warehouses and any delivery staff are following the government guidelines on safe handling and social distancing.
Your order will be a contact-free delivery  and can be left outside your property.

The risk of contamination to the packaging itself is limited. But just in case we advise customers to either leave the cardboard boxes for 72 hours or wear gloves and a mask when opening them. Don’t forget to dispose of the packaging safely afterwards.


Q: Can I install the shutters myself?

This is the best part- they are designed for exactly that! If you can put together flat-pack furniture you can install shutters. 
Please do not be tempted to hire a tradesperson to install the shutters for you, and it is not advisable currently to have someone visit your home.

All you need is an electric drill, screwdriver, measuring tape and a spirit level, and away you go!
Our shutter experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have along the way and we’ve extensive online guides and video tutorials to ensure all runs smoothly.

We want to thank all our customers and staff for their patience and loyalty and this time. 
Please stay home, stay safe and look after one another.

DIY Shutters