Kitchen shutters

The kitchen is the perfect room for DIY shutter blinds. As the hub of the home, this communal space needs a classic, yet practical choice for its windows.

When you want to maximise the light, DIY shutters are perfect as they offer full control over how much enters this busy room. These shutters are also surprisingly easy to measure and fit. You really can do it all yourself!


The benefits of choosing kitchen shutters:

  • Control the natural light
  • Easy to clean for all the kitchen spills
  • A classic design to complement any kitchen interior
  • Enhance your kitchen's privacy
  • The ability to fit behind kitchen taps/obstructions
  • Ability to measure and install yourself.

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Complete light control

Kitchen shutters provide multiple ways of adjusting the light levels in your room. You can choose to adjust the slats for a subtle change in light or open the panels back fully to let all the light in.

Something to consider is the slat size you choose. A smaller slat means more slats and therefore less light comes through when they’re open. If you want to maximise the light that enters your kitchen when the panels are closed, we recommend a larger slat size like the 89mm.

white shuttersA popular choice for kitchen shutters is our Café style. This is a half-height design that allows privacy by covering the lower half of your windows but allows light in by leaving the top uncovered.

white full height shuttersTier on tier shutters will also provide this function and are perfect if you’re lucky enough to have large kitchen windows. You can open/fold back the top panels, which instantly changes the shutters to a café style design.

Full height shutters completely cover your window and are a perfect choice if your kitchen window is small. You can add a mid-rail to this design, which is a wooden rail that divides your slats, therefore allowing you to open the top and bottom slats independently.

Kitchen shutters are easy to clean

Our favourite thing about kitchen shutters is how easy they are to keep clean. Whatever the finish you choose, we simply recommend wiping the shutters with a damp cloth- and that’s it! This also applies to general maintenance and upkeep. Unlike other window dressings, kitchen shutters are a practical choice as any spills or splashes can be simply wiped away. You definitely can’t say the same about curtains!

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White bay window shutters in kitchen

Custom designed for your kitchen 

Kitchens can be fussy, busy and sometimes very messy! You want a classic and clean interior to streamline this hectic room. Shutters have a timeless aesthetic that will complement any kitchen design. Why not opt for our most popular White shutters that are available in the painted hardwood range we offer. You can choose shutters that perfectly match your white kitchen cabinets/white goods or white tiling.

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Kitchen shutter colours

We offer four colours in our hardwood and two in our Faux Wood ranges. These are classic shades that will complement even the boldest of kitchen interiors. Take advantage of our free sample service to see for yourself:

Full Privacy for your kitchen

Most kitchens are on ground level so require a window dressing that provides privacy. Shutters do exactly that. Keep the panels and slats closed to ensure no one gets a look in! By choosing our Café style shutters you can get the full privacy you need whilst not blocking out the light.

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Interior door shutters for kitchens

A lot of kitchens look out to patios or gardens and therefore have French doors. The good news here is that we can make shutters for kitchen doors as well as windows - full height shutters are ideal for doors. This classic style provides a French country look that can be measured so that the divide lines up with your windows or kitchen cabinets. To help you with designing shutters for your kitchen doors, email the team and they can advise you on the best style.

Fitting shutters behind kitchen taps

We know that a lot of kitchen windows are situated behind the sink and therefore behind the kitchen taps. This is not a problem!

We offer a range of frame depths, which means you can choose a shallower frame to allow space behind these taps. If you want to ensure that your panels open, choose a panel configuration that allows narrower panels that bifold. If you have two panels opening to the left, and then two opening to the right – this will guarantee that you
have clearance to open the panels without hitting your taps.

DIY window shutters being measured by woman

Measuring for kitchen shutters

You’ll be happy to know that measuring for kitchen shutters is just as easy as measuring for shutters in any room of your home. Follow our measuring guides and you really can’t go wrong!

If you’re unsure at any point, we have a dedicated team of experts on hand to help you every step of the way. We’d recommend sending us a photo of your kitchen window and we’ll mark it up precisely with where you should be measuring. We’re here to show you that it’s easier than you think.

Measuring guides

Window shutters being fitted with drill

Installation guides for kitchen shutters

If you can measure for shutters, then you can install them. Like measuring, we have dedicated guides and video tutorials to ensure you get it right. If you have any questions, make sure you ask our team. If your kitchen walls are wonky, your window is a special shape or you have obstructions in the way, we can talk you through it and safeguard that you get the kitchen shutters you deserve; with the added bonus of knowing you did it all yourself!

Installation guides