Café Style Shutters

This design just covers the lower section of the window.

Premium Faux Wood

Our faux wood shutters are made in the UK and are constructed from polyvinyl (PVC) to ensure maximum durability. Choose from two popular colours. 
Delivered in 5-7 working days.
Sale Price£257 m2
  • RRP:
    £344 m2
  • DIY Price:
    £257 m2
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Essential Faux Wood

Our quick delivery faux wood shutters are 100% waterproof, hardwearing, and are available in our most popular shade of white. 
Delivered in 14-18 working days.
Sale Price£212 m2
  • RRP:
    £283 m2
  • DIY Price:
    £212 m2
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Our hardwood shutters are made from quality paulownia hardwood. Hardwood shutters have a smooth finish and come in a choice of 4 colours.
Delivered in approx. 10 - 12 weeks.
Sale Price£208 m2
  • RRP:
    £278 m2
  • DIY Price:
    £208 m2
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What are Cafe style shutters?

Cafe Shutters are designed to cover the lower section of your windows only. These are typically purchased by shutter customers looking to prevent people peering directly into their windows therefore privacy is generally only an issue on the lower half of the window. The top half or portion of the window is often left with nothing at all covering it or perhaps just a roman blind or curtain for evenings.

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