Loft shutters

Let’s face it, everybody loves a loft or converted roof space. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to create some truly unique rooms. But they will often have unusual windows, either in shape or location. This can make finding the best window dressing a bit of a head scratcher. And that is where shutter blinds come in.

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Why Loft Shutters?

Not only do shutters look amazing, they’re also stylish, easy to install, and incredibly versatile. Many lofts will have dormer windows. Installing curtains onto these can be an awkward affair, requiring special poles. Blinds are a plain and functional option, yes, but they don’t have the same versatility as dormer window shutters - shutters come in various materials, styles, and colours. Being fitted directed onto the window frames means that they’re also brilliant for three things: blocking light, keeping out draughts, and helping a room stay insulated. All this, and they even help to increase the value of your property!

Which Style Works Best?

This is down to a couple of things: the size of your window and your personal preference.

Full height shutters are a versatile option, giving you light control while covering the whole window. Full height shutters are ideal for Velux windows too (but more on this later).

Although not as common in lofts, if you have larger windows, it might be worth considering our Tier-on-Tier shutters. They cover the whole window, but the top and bottom sections hinge out separately, giving you the ultimate in privacy control.

Café style shutters are another option worth considering for larger windows. These cover only the bottom section of the window, allowing for a combination of light exposure and privacy.

loft shutters

What Colours Do They Come In?

We have a wide range of colours and hues on offer, perfect for any taste, style, and décor. Among our 14 paint colours and 11 wood stains, you are sure to find the perfect tone to suit your room.

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What About Velux Windows?

In almost all cases, we can fit shutters to Velux windows. All our shutter frames are fitted with magnets, while a simple latch and hook mechanism can be bought cheaply and fixed onto the shutter. This keeps the panels safely and securely in place. If you do have a Velux window that you want shuttered, we always advise that you speak to our team first. That way, we can work to find a solution that is looks great and is practical too!

Can I Measure and Fit Them Myself?

You certainly can! All you need is a tape measure, spirit level, drill, and screwdriver. And just as with any other kind of shutter, we are here to help you measure and install your new loft shutters. Our easy-to-follow measuring and installing guides make the whole process very simple simple, but if you need further assistance, our friendly team can always be contacted via email.

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Are They Good at Blocking Out Light?

While no shutter will completely block out light, shutters are great for lofts because of how effective they are at light management. Our slatted shutters (available in four sizes) give you more control over the levels of brightness in a room, but if you want to go as close to blackout as possible, we suggest going for our smallest slat size: 64mm.

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If you are thinking about getting shutters for your loft, get in touch today. Our friendly team are always happy to offer handy tips, design advice, and assistance with measuring. Send a photo of your windows to and we will get back to you shortly!