Bedroom shutters

Bedrooms are the ideal room to start with when embarking on your shutter blinds journey. A room where light, temperature and noise are crucial in creating the perfect environment for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Bedroom shutters will bring you a style that complements any interior, and a style that is truly timeless. Whatever changes your bedroom goes through, you can be confident that your bedroom shutters are durable enough to stand the test of time.

Grey shutter blinds in bedroom

The benefits of choosing shutters for your bedroom:

  • Light control to keep your room dark when you prefer
  • Excellent privacy 
  • Heat insulation to keep the room warm and cosy
  • Noise reduction for a quiet night's sleep
  • Ability to measure and install DIY shutters yourself

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Control the light that enters your bedroom

cream window shuttersA simple tilt of a slat can make a difference to how much light enters your room. Open the slats to let the morning light trickle in or open your shutter panels for your bedroom to be bathed in light.

Full height shutters and Tier on tier shutters provide complete window coverage and therefore complete light control. Unlike your curtain or blind counterparts, the slats in bedroom shutters allow total control over your light levels.

You may want to consider you choice of slat size when considering the amount of light that enters your room. Smaller slats mean more slats and therefore more areas for light to bleed in.

Blackout Shutters v light reduction

Do not believe any company that offers blackout shutters, they simply don’t exist! We can assure you that our shutters offer fantastic light reduction, but a complete blackout effect can’t be achieved.

Our Café style shutters are a half-height design that can be matched with curtains or blinds if you want to create a layered look. If you’re interested in blackout blinds specifically, café style shutters can be designed to accommodate these blinds behind them, so you can achieve the blackout effect you need with the style you want. This is incredibly important for those who want a dark room at night to get a good night's sleep. 

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Bedroom window shutters

Privacy for your bedroom

A crucial need for window dressings in bedrooms is privacy. Our full height and tier on tier styles provide full coverage and therefore complete privacy - job done!
Our café style shutters are a half-height design, so also provide privacy whilst letting light in from the top section at the same time.
If you need design advice, email us a photo of your windows and we can discuss which shutters are best suited for your bedroom.


Like darkness, another environmental factor that our bodies need for sleep is warmth. The solid hardwoods our shutters are crafted from add a welcome layer of insulation to your bedroom. Thicker than fabrics, they keep the warmth in and the cold out. Shutters can also protect your bedroom from unwanted draughts, a crucial factor if your bed is situated near your windows. 

Noise reduction

Whilst your bedroom shutters insulate to keep the warmth in, they also provide a layer of soundproofing. We live in a loud and hectic world and we need our bedrooms to become a haven away from the noise and hustle and bustle. Shutters are made to measure your window frames and create another much-needed soundproof layer to your home.

White bay window shutter blinds in bedroom

Our bedroom shutter colour options

Our most popular colours are our neutral colours found within out Painted shutter range. Timeless and clean, they are colours that will complement any room or interior. We offer a range of calming, classic shades and stains to ensure that you achieve the right look for your bedroom shutters.

Window shutter colour swatches

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Choosing your bedroom shutter material 

Our shutters ranges are only crafted using quality hardwood. You won’t find any MDF in our shutters (it's potentially harmful to health!) 

Choose from Painted, Stained or Limewash. Our Painted and Stained are hardwoods with a smooth finish and our Limewash has a characterful, deep grain for a textured finish.

All these ranges are perfect for bedroom shutters. Our Stained range comes in a selection of traditional stains for an authentic wooden finish.

Wood swatch selection for shutters

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Measuring for DIY bedroom shutters

Measuring for bedroom shutters is a simple as measuring for any window shutters. With our videos and measuring guides, we’re here to support you every step of the way. We have all you need to ensure that you can measure and install the shutters all by yourself! If you do need any assistance, just get in touch with our team of experts who will be happy to help. 

Measuring guides

Video guides


Shutters being fitted in bedroom


Installation guides for bedroom shutters

Installing bedroom shutters is as easy as installing shutters in any room of your house. Follow our free video and PDF guides and you cannot go wrong! If you’re still unsure, our team of experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have.  

Fitting wooden shutters to window