Patio & French Door Shutters

French or patio doors are an impressive addition to any home, increasing light and providing flexibility. These doors come in all different shapes and sizes, meaning the 'one-size-fits-all' approach of readymade window dressings just won't cut it.

Shutters for french doors fit like a glove and enhance your space. And yes, you can do it all yourself with DIY shutter blinds

Patio door shutters in bathroom

Benefits of shutters for French and patio doors: 

  • Timeless designs to suit any home
  • Made-to-measure sizes to fit any French or patio door
  • Retain your home’s privacy and add security
  • Let natural light brighten your rooms when you desire
  • Keep your home energy efficient with advanced insulation
  • Save money with easy to install DIY shutters

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Enhance the look of your room

Shutters for patio doors are more than just a way to manage light and privacy; they completely transform your room. Whether you want to add the finishing touch to a new extension or accentuate your patio doors, plantation shutters for French doors will smarten up and add style to your space. They also look great on surrounding windows for a coordinated look.

Why choose DIY shutters for patio or French doors? 

If you're looking to save costs on your home renovation project or home improvements, DIY shutters are the perfect solution. Rather than paying significantly more for full-service patio and french door shutters, you can easily design and install them yourself.

Our DIY shutters are incredibly easy to install, and we have a range of measuring guides and installation top tips available. Save money with our affordable range of shutters for patio doors and french doors. 

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Designing shutters for french doors

Our patio door shutters are all custom made to your measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Full height shutters are the best option for french doors and come with a mid-rail so you can operate the top and bottom sets of slats independently. Unlike window shutters, they are usually designed with a 3-sided frame, meaning no bottom frame piece to step over. Speak to our team for advice on which size panel will suit, and where the frame should sit to clear any door handles (these can also be hidden with a carefully positioned mid-rail). 

No matter what your space looks like, we can help design the right shutter blinds for your needs. Just send us a photo of your doors to get started!

Blue door shutter blinds

Using shutters for patio doors

Shutters for patio doors are fuss-free and easy to use. The panels fold back neatly to the side, giving you an undisturbed view of the garden. When closed, they are a great way of keeping pets or young children in (you could even install your own latch at the top). 

Upkeep is also nice and straightforward; simply wipe the shutters down with a damp cloth to clean.

Enhance privacy and light control

Unlike your doors, your shutters don't have to be either open or closed. Moving the slats will give you the ability to control light and air flow into the room and can be adjusted throughout the day. 

Shutters for french doors also provide privacy, meaning you can open your doors to catch that cool summer breeze in peace. 

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Shutters provide insulation and noise reduction

Shutter blinds for patio and French doors have the bonus of providing insulation, reducing energy bills and keeping the elements outside. They also help to reduce noise from outside – great if the kids are playing in the garden!


Colours for patio Door Shutters

Our Hardwood and Faux wood shutters come in a choice of four and two timeless shades respectively, to ensure our classic shutters suit any space. 

But don't take our word for it! We offer a free sample service so you can be sure the shade will complement your room perfectly. 

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Measuring for French door shutters

Don't be put off by the size of your doors compared to the other windows in your house; it's just as easy as measuring for any other full height shutters!  

Use our shutter measuring guides and how-to videos for instructions on how to get it right. Our expert shutter team can give you further information and advise on your doors specifically. And don't forget, once you place your order, our team will contact you to check your order details before we start production.

Measuring DIY door shutters

Measuring guides


Installing patio door shutters

Installing shutters is as easy as putting together flat-pack furniture (minus the confusing instructions). Follow our simple installation guides for step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your new shutters for your patio or french doors. Our team are always happy to help with any queries you have; just drop them an email or call them directly.

Installation guides

Fitting door shutters