Full Height

If you want shutters to cover the whole window, select full height.

Affordable Basswood

Our entry level Basswood shutters are available in 3 neutral shades and a range of design options. Current estimated lead time: 12-14 weeks.

From£159 m2
  • RRP:
    £199 m2
  • Today's Price:
    £159 m2
Affordable Basswood shutters

Classic Poplar

Our most popular range of smooth hardwood shutters, with a choice of 20 glorious paints and stains. Current estimated lead time: 12-14 weeks.

From£180 m2
  • RRP:
    £225 m2
  • Today's Price:
    £180 m2
Classic Poplar shutters

Express Classic Poplar

Classic Poplar shutters, for those who just can't wait to get their hands on the UK's most popular shutters. Current estimated lead time: 6-8 weeks.

From£260 m2
  • RRP:
    £325 m2
  • Today's Price:
    £260 m2
Express Classic Poplar shutters

Premium Elm

The crème de la crème! Solid wooden shutters with a characterful deep grain textured finish. Available in a wide range of designs, paints and stains. Current estimated lead time: 12-14 weeks.

From£239 m2
  • RRP:
    £299 m2
  • Today's Price:
    £239 m2
Premium Elm shutters

What are Full Height shutters?

Full height shutters give coverage of the whole window. The panel opens as one unit from top to bottom. At this point forget about how many shutter panels you may have across the width of the window opening, as you can choose to have either 1 or 2 wide panels or 6 or 7 narrower shutters hinged together.

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