T’s and C’s - Our Terms and Conditions

Throughout these terms and conditions, Goods makes reference to all shutters and window coverings as offered for sale and sold by Do It Yourself Shutters Ltd (herewith referred to as DIY Shutters Ltd) and purchased by you, the customer.

Us, Our, Ours, We refers to Do It Yourself Shutters Ltd - the company from which you are purchasing.
You, Your, Yours refers to the person purchasing the goods from DIY Shutters Ltd.

1. Our Contract 
1.1 This website www.diyshutters.co.uk constitutes an online shopping facility for You to buy shutters and other window treatments at the current retail price for the purpose of do it yourself installation. A contract between You and Us shall be deemed legally binding upon acceptance of Your order. Acceptance of Your order will be confirmed by an e-mail which will be sent to You upon receipt of Your order.

2. Price
2.1 The price as detailed on the order summary section at checkout will be the price payable for the Goods you purchase from us. This price includes all applicable UK taxes as due at that time.
2.2 Upon acceptance of Your order as per section 1.1, We shall debit the price of the Goods from Your chosen method of payment.

3. Order Cancellation by You (custom made Goods)
3.1 Orders may only be cancelled & refunded if you request this before the production of your shutters or blinds begins. The production will never begin until YOUR order details have been verbally discussed & confirmed by You with Our staff over the phone. A Cancelled order at this stage can be refunded but carries an admin fee of £25.00 to cover our costs.
3.2 Orders which proceed to production following Our office phone call with You, cannot later be cancelled. As soon as order details are agreed over the phone, the production process begins that same day. It may sometimes be possible to amend the paint colour but only if this stage of the process has yet to commence. Please speak to our team for clarification.

4. Order Cancellation by You (non custom made Goods)
4.1 Cancellations will be accepted prior to Your order confirmation e-mail being sent.
4.2 If You wish to return the Goods once You have received them, You may do so within 48 hours of receipt and as long as You leave the Goods in their original packaging. If such goods are unpacked they are deemed non resaleable and non refundable.
4.3 Sending such Goods back to us is at Your own expense.

5. Order Cancellation by Us
5.1 In certain situations it may be necessary for Us to cancel Your order. This may be due to a production issue with Our manufacturing plant, or other circumstances outside of Our control. In the event of this occurring We will notify you via e-mail and re-credit any money debited at order placement.
5.2 We will not be liable for any compensation payment in the event of order cancellation by Us.
5.3 DIY Shutters Ltd will have no liability whatsoever to You for any damage or consequential loss caused by DIY Shutters Ltd cancelling Your order in accordance with clause 5.1 above.

6. Product Description
6.1 DIY Shutters Ltd has done everything in it's power to ensure that the information as displayed on this website is accurate, correct and true. If You are in any doubt about the information as conveyed by Us, please contact Our support team prior to order placement.
6.2 As with all wooden products, shading differences may occur between the colours as displayed and that seen in the finished Goods as purchased by You. We cannot accept any returns or authorise any refunds for any disappointment resulting from natural shading variations.
6.3 As the product is viewed online, colour variations do occur between monitors. We therefore recommend customers request a sample slat from our website before purchasing as We cannot be held liable for any variations between colours viewed online and the finished product received.
6.4 There is a 10% surcharge for custom colour matches. DIY Shutters Ltd advises You to order a colour sample first, the cost of which is £36 and You should approve this sample. DIY Shutters Ltd is not responsible if the paint finish is not a 100% match with other household products, although every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the accuracy of the finished product.
6.5 All goods should be fully inspected by You prior to installation. You must check that the goods are in accordance with Your purchase order both for measurements and design prior to installation.
6.6 Shutters manufactured from January 2018 will be subject to one-way slat closure (upwards). This is an updated manufacturing stipulation to aid even louvre closure

7.Product Measurements
7.1 DIY Shutters Ltd has done everything in its power to ensure that the website provides as much information as possible to assist You in achieving correct measurement of Your window for Your window dressings. Please refer to Our website for instructions regarding measurements. Please note that if You are in any doubt about the measurements taken, please contact Our support team prior to order placement.
7.2 If the measurements You supply to us vary from Your actual requirements we cannot accept any liability for any consequential losses either direct or indirect and cannot accept return of the Goods or issue a refund in respect of the Goods, provided that the Goods have been manufactured in accordance with the measurements You supplied to us.
7.3 The design image generated by Our site (when You submit your dimensions) is for illustration purposes only. The image may not be an exact representation of the number of slats or size of rail you will receive in your actual order. If you require exact confirmation of these design details prior to production please contact Our support team before submitting your order.
7.4 On receipt of your order Our staff will call You to confirm You have understood Our measuring guides. For all Inside Mounted Shutter orders we advise You that a standard deduction of 4mm from Your submitted width and drop dimension is made, this is for ease of installation. (You are given the choice not to have these deductions made).
7.5 Manufacturing tolerance levels of overall panel and frame specifications are plus or minus 2mm, and the product will not be considered defective if falling within the size range. Warp on any component part, vertical or horizontal, shall not exceed 1mm per 300mm.
7.6 Horizontal middle rail location: This location may be off by half a louvre.
For 47mm louvre can be off by +/-19mm.
For 64mm louvre can be off by +/-25mm.
For 89mm louvre can be off by +/-38mm.
For 114mm louvre can be off by +/-51mm.
7.7 Shutters with Concealed slat controls, where the distance between the top, mid and bottom rails are greater than 1300mm at any point, will automatically have the hidden rod centrally split. This is a manufacturing stipulation to aid even louvre closure
7.8 Top and Bottom Rails
Top and Bottom rails are adjustable in size and determined by the manufacturer to ensure that ‘whole’ numbers of slats can fit in any given panel and the panels have adequate structural integrity. The manufacturers will supply shutters with top and bottom rail sizes within the following range;
For panels with 47mm louvres; 76mm – 135mm Top/Bottom Rail size
For panels with 64mm louvres; 76mm* – 135mm Top/Bottom Rail size
For panels with 76mm louvres; 76mm* – 135mm Top/Bottom Rail size
For panels with 89mm louvres; 76mm* – 135mm Top/Bottom Rail size
For panels with 114mm louvres; 76mm* – 150mm Top/Bottom Rail size
*For Tier on Tier shutters ordered online on or after 26/04/18 top and bottom rails may be supplies to a revised minimum size of 60mm at the factory’s discretion. 
You may not choose the size of the top and bottom rails and do not have the option to reject a finished item on the basis of Top/Bottom Rail size. Where items are similar in height and/or design, but not identical, it is likely that Top/Bottom Rail sizes will vary. Please make Us aware if any items on Your order need to be considered in relation to one another.

8. Delivering Your Goods.
8.1 8.1 We will dispatch Your Shutters as soon as the goods are ready. For our current lead times, please refer to our delivery page, all quoted lead times are always estimates only and time is not of the essence.  While We make every effort to ensure that delivery times are met We cannot accept responsibility for any damage or consequential loss arising out of any delay. In addition to this, if you are booking a third party (an installer or carpenter) to install your shutters, please do not confirm any dates with them until you have taken delivery of all of your shutters.  
8.2 On delivery of your shutters or blinds please ensure boxes are in good condition. You must sign the couriers delivery note and if damage has occurred ensure this is noted on accepting the goods. DIY Shutter Ltd will not take any responsibility for goods damaged in transportation, which have not been signed for as damaged. 
8.3 For Mainland UK, Northern Ireland, Scottish Islands & Highlands shutter orders, we have a delivery charge equivalent to 3% of the order value. There is a minimum charge of £15 and a maximum charge of £50 per delivery. 
8.4 For the Channel Islands orders, we have a delivery charge equivalent to 6% of the order value. There is a minimum charge of £50 and a maximum charge of £100 per delivery. 
8.5 Delivery to Europe (including Eire) will incur some additional charges. Please contact our team for prior confirmation or submit order through website and we will contact you to confirm charges. .
8.6 All orders are delivered by 3rd party couriers, either TNT or dedicated courier. Please note your Goods will be taken to the outside of the property only.
8.7 Ownership & title of the goods will pass to You upon delivery.

9. Liability
9.1 As the product is installed by You or a third party, DIY Shutters Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for damage made to the product at installation. You are provided with full instructions however if You do not understand any part of the procedure please contact Our support team for help before You attempt to install.
9.2 If You choose to pay a third party for the purpose of installing the goods and problems arise during installation We will not accept any liability for the work carried out by such third parties.
9.3 We give no warranty as to the fitness of the product supplied other than that of an internal window dressing. Other installation and uses are at Your own risk.
9.4 We will make every effort to advise You how best to design your shutters in accordance to our best practices. However We cannot accept liability if you are dissatisfied with the finished design, as the final design choice is Your responsibility.  

10. Defective Goods
10.1 All Goods as supplied by DIY Shutters Ltd are covered by a guarantee against defects in craftsmanship or materials. The guarantee period is as follows:
Plantation Shutters 3 Years

The applicable guarantee period begins when the Goods are delivered to You. If Your goods arrive damaged or there is a defect in manufacturing, You must report this to the DIY SHUTTERS LTD OFFICE WITHIN 7 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF THE GOODS. Any issues You report to Us need to be accompanied by photographic evidence. DIY SHUTTERS Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage or defect once the 7 day reporting time has lapsed.
10.2 We shall not be held liable for any costs incurred by You or any third party who has been employed by the Buyer to install the shutters. In the event of defective or damage shutters needing to be replaced, we shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by You for the refitting of the replacement shutters or for room decorating.
10.3 If the Goods are deemed defective, We will not automatically issue You with a refund. We will offer You replacement of the Goods or a suitable alternative as deemed by us.
10.4 Goods that have been used in unsuitable conditions (excessively humid or in a high moisture environment or using interior shutters in an exterior environment) or having been subjected to irregular use may not be deemed acceptable for return as detailed in clauses 9.1- 9.3
10.5 The Goods are made from a natural material, as such minor imperfections not readily apparent at a distance of four feet, under ordinary light will not be accepted as defects

11. Payment Security
11.1 We pledge to You to retain all credit card and payment information within a completely secure environment, doing everything within Our power to ensure no other party outside of DIY Shutters Ltd has access to this information.

12. Governing Law
12.1 This contract is subject to the English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

13. If you the customer decide to use the cut out templates to assist with measuring please note the following;
It is the responsibility of you the customer to ensure you follow our guidelines in printing the templates correct to scale. This can be done by selecting PAGE SCALING set to NONE when printing from our measure guide .This ensures that the frame profile templates are printed to the actual frame size. Any discrepancies in the shutters which is due to this guide not being followed correctly will therefore be the full responsibility of the customer.

14. Competition
14. 1 The competition is open to all residents of the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) and the Republic of Ireland aged 18 and above (“Participants”). The Competition is not open to employees and relatives of Do It Yourself Ltd nor any other employees of the TCMM Shutter Group or anyone connected with the running of this Competition.

15. TRADE ACCOUNT Holders 
15.1 You should assume that all assets on DIY Shutters Ltd website is copyrighted and cannot be used without prior written consent.
15.2 On approval of your trade account, dedicated images and technical information can be supplied for your website use or marketing material. In order to use these assets it is a requirement that you retain an active trade account. If your business also sells shutters from another supplier, it is our requirement that you utilise that said suppliers photography to correctly illustrate that product. DIY Shutters Ltd reserves the right to revoke permissions at any time should you fail to observe this. If either party end the trade partnership, or you cease ordering with DIY Shutters Ltd all imagery and assets supplied remain the sole property of DIY Shutters Ltd and must be returned within 3 months of closing the account.
15.3 Anything you transmit to us by email or otherwise become the property of DIY Shutters Ltd and may be used for marketing or training purposes.

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