Bathroom shutters

Naturally enough, the smallest room in the house has the least windows. Perhaps because of this, the bathroom is a popular choice for people’s first foray into the world of shutters.

Bathroom shutter blinds are a classic, hardwearing and practical window dressing; with the bonus of being easy to measure and fit all by yourself.

White waterproof shutter blinds in bathroom

The benefits of choosing bathroom shutters:

  • The privacy you require for your bathroom
  • Light control and reduction for all times of the day
  • Noise and heat insulation to keep your bathroom insulated
  • A classic design to suit all bathroom designs
  • Hard-wearing and waterproof qualities
  • Ability to measure and fit DIY shutters yourself
  • DIY shutters are cheaper than full-service shutters

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Bathroom window privacy ideas

red shutters in grey bathroomWhatever style you choose, all our bathroom shutters provide the vital element of privacy. Once you close the slats, no-one is looking in! Full height shutters and Tier on tier shutters cover the entirety of your window and therefore provide full solitude in your bathroom.

Most bathroom and en suite windows are small, so we’d recommend the full height shutters, as the tier on tier style is more suited for larger, grand windows. Our DIY shutters are easy to install, and will you save you money on the shutter costs when compared to full-service shutter companies!

Light control and reduction

It’s lovely to let a lot of sunshine into your bathroom, but similarly, bath time wouldn’t be the same if you couldn’t dim the lights down. The biggest benefit of bathroom shutters is that they give you full control over the light that enters your room.

Café style shutters are the perfect choice for the bathroom for those looking to get both privacy whilst letting in some natural light. This is because they cover the bottom section of your window to provide the privacy, yet the top half is left uncovered to provide the light, making them ideal for darker bathrooms too.

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wooden velux window shutter blind in white bathroom

Noise and heat insulation

Our shutters are all made from solid hardwoods. Unlike other window dressings, these are strong and dense materials that insulate your home.

This quality material keeps the warmth in and doesn’t let any drafts in, therefore saving you money on your utility bills! The natural density of this material also insulates against outside noise, so say hello to peaceful bath times without interruptions!

A classic design

What’s lovely about bathroom shutters is the simplicity of their design. Streamlined and smooth, they’ll complement any bathroom. Our most popular colour for bathrooms is white, as it’s a perfect match for your white bathroom fixings and fittings.

White plantation shutter blinds in cream bathroom

Our bathroom shutter colour options

We have four cool colours across our Hardwood range and two in our Faux Wood ranges. These calming neutral colours were made for bathrooms! Even if you've made a bold choice with your bathroom interior, we're confident that one of our timeless shades will complement it. 

You can order free samples at any time, with no obligation, and we’d recommend using this free service to see the colours and quality materials for yourself.

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Measuring for DIY bathroom shutters

With our measuring guides and videos to hand, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Bathroom windows commonly have large recesses so we’d recommend an inside mount frame, but this will all be explained in our simple guides!

If at any point during the measuring process you have questions, or you’re unsure whether you’re doing it right, then fear not! We have a dedicated team of experts on hand to help you.

Woman measuring for DIY shutters

Measuring guides

Installation guides for DIY bathroom shutters

Our shutters are designed with DIY in mind. If you can hang a picture or put up a shelf - we know you can install your shutters.
Watch our installation videos for clear and concise step by step guides on how to install your bathroom shutters.
As with measuring, if you have any questions, contact us and we can help. We encourage customers to send in photos so we can get a clear picture of your shutter needs and help you to do it yourself with DIY shutters!

Installing guides

Installing DIY bathroom shutters