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Detailed below are the delivery times for our shutters:

Product Type How Long For My Order Delivery Option Price

Express Classic Poplar


3-4 weeks from order confirmation phone call*     
Mon - Fri 8.00am-6.00pm 
TNT delivery
£15.00 - £50.00 

Affordable Basswood

Classic Poplar

Premium Elm

Designer Collection

9-10 weeks from order confirmation phone call*
Mon - Fri 8.00am-6.00pm 
TNT delivery
£15.00 - £50.00
  • All Standard (sea freight) orders are subject to an estimated 9–10 weeks lead time*.
  • All Express Poplar (Air Freight) orders are subject to an estimated 3–4 weeks lead time*.
  • All customers receive a phone call within 2 working days of placing their order. The stated delivery times apply when your order confirmation call has been completed.  
  • Orders placed and confirmed between 25/01/18 and 01/04/18 are subject to an extended lead time. Standard Orders 10-12 weeks, Express Poplar Orders 5-6 weeks. 
  • For Mainland UK, Northern Ireland, Scottish Islands & Highlands and Channel Islands shutter orders, we have a delivery charge equivalent to 3% of the order value. There is a minimum charge of £15 and a maximum charge of £50 per delivery. 
  • Additional delivery charges and timescales apply if you request delivery to Europe (including Republic of Ireland).  Please contact us for specific information.
  • A week before your order is ready for dispatch (Sea orders and Air Express orders), DIY shutters email customers advising the order is almost ready for delivery .
  • Prior to shutters being dispatched, DIY shutters email you with your TNT reference number and the link for tracking. After receiving this email, our customers can update delivery requirements by contacting TNT directly on 0800 100 600 or by requesting a change via the TNT website.
  • We do everything in our power to dispatch your shutters to you within the timescales given. 
  • All orders are delivered by 3rd party couriers, either TNT or dedicated courier.  Please note your goods will be taken to the outside of the property only.

*Excludes special shape shutters and deliveries outside of the UK. Delivery timescales will be longer in these instances. Please contact us for more information if this applies to your order. 


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