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5 Beginner DIY Projects to try in your Master Bedroom (and save money)

DIY Shutters 10/06/2019 09:58:51 AM

Your bedroom is a special place, there’s nowhere quite like it - but often for the wrong reasons! In many houses, the master bedroom can be the most neglected room, especially when children take precedence. So perhaps it’s time to redress the balance and get stuck into some inspiring, entry-level DIY projects that will transform your bedroom whilst being very easy on your wallet.

Reclaimed wood headboard

DIY beginner bedroom projects DIY Shutters
Image credit: Ana White 
If you’re looking for a budget-friendly headboard for your bed, then how about this for a cost-effective solution? Assemble a flat ‘table’ shape (essentially a rectangle with two legs) from recycled pine to match the width of your bed. It might be necessary to add wood braces at the back to straighten out any warping. Sand down any imperfections and buy a quick-drying stain and varnish for the wood like Dulux Woodsheen in dark walnut. After applying two coats you’ll soon find yourself with an effective bedroom feature made for a very agreeable price.

If you don’t want to fashion the headboard yourself, look for a complete, even shape like an unwanted door. Using bright colours will add a fresh, beach-house flavour to your bedroom.

Cork flooring

beginner projects for your bedroom DIY Shutters
Image credit: The Colour Flooring Company
Rather overlooked as a floor covering in recent years, cork is currently enjoying something of a renaissance and it’s easy to see why. It’s affordable (cheaper per square foot than bamboo), comfortable, moisture-resistant and easy to maintain. Cork is also an effective thermal insulator, so it’ll help keep your feet warm when you walk over its naturally cushioned surface. It’s also pleasingly quiet underfoot, not dissimilar to walking on carpet, and is very easy to clean.

In these environmentally conscious times, it’s useful to know that cork is the only tree whose bark can regenerate itself after harvest, causing no harm to the tree.

The shape of your subfloor will decide whether you go for a floating floor or glue-down cork tiles. If it’s uneven, floating floor interlocking boards will make for a much easier installation.

Bedside bench

Beginner projects for master bedroom DIY Shutters
Image credit: A Beautiful Mess

Perfect for placing books, magazines, laptops or even sleeping cats and dogs, a foot-of-the-bed bench is an easy, useful and decorative addition to your bedroom.

You’ll need a ¾” plywood sheet, about 44” x 18”. If you’re planning to sit on the bench, then go for a thicker wood. Choose a rug design that you love and make sure it’s 2”-3” longer than the bench top. Buy some bench legs, like combination hairpins, which work very effectively on this kind of design. You’ll also need some foam batting and some 1/2” wood screws. If your wood is the right size, then a power drill and staple gun are the only tools required.

Cut the foam batting to fit your bench, making the size about a ¼” smaller on all sides. Then staple the rug to the edge of the wood. After careful measuring, screw the legs of the bench into place and there you have it: one easy-to-make bedside bench!

Canopy bed


Image credit: A Pinch of Lovely

Another way of changing the feel of your bedroom, especially if it’s a large room, is to transform your sleeping space with a canopy! People tend to think they’re a somewhat feminine feature, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Canopy beds are a great way to indulge luxurious cravings, offering a feeling of pampered seclusion. But they’re also practical; offering a novel means to regulate temperature or just somewhere else to hang your clothes! There are many different styles available, but they can be costly. So why not create your own?

Now it’s up to you to decide what sort of style would suit your room and personality. With a simple frame set up, you could customise your canopy with different colours and fabrics as often as you like. Create your very own bedroom sanctuary!


Shutters are one of the most effective ways of transforming the look of a house, both inside and out. They’re also great at maintaining a room’s warmth when it’s cold and creating a cooling breeze when it’s hot. Super-effective at maintaining the perfect ambience, bedroom shutters allow you to generate the perfect light for your requirements, even if that includes near-blackout.

There’s a popular misconception that putting up shutters is difficult, but you’ll be surprised by how well the keen DIYer can handle this. Once ordered, all you’ll need is a drill, spirit level, screwdriver, hammer and a can-do attitude. Whatever style of shutter you decide is best for your bedroom, you’ll be amazed by the transformation and delighted that you’ve acquired such an effective DIY skill. And by making the decision to install the shutters yourself, you can save up to 50% off the price of a full installation!

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