Are Plantation Shutters Blackout

DIY Shutters 17/12/2021 11:42:43 AM

A question we get a lot from customers is, ‘Are shutters blackout?’ The honest answer is, “No”. However, shutters do offer you a fantastic amount of light blockage that many of our customers are delighted with - especially when compared to binds or curtains. While shutters do not give you complete blackout, there is a way to rectify this.
If you need a greater amount of light blockage then your shutters can be paired with fitted blinds behind them for absolute blackout.



What Are Blackout Plantation Shutters?

As mentioned above, you cannot get total blackout shutters. But with the aid of a roller blind, you can stop all light seeping through the slats, panels and frames. This is perfect for your bedroom windows as it can be added behind the shutter frame. So, in the morning when you want to let the sun in all you need to do is open the panels and lift up the blackout blind.


Why Are Shutters Better Than Blinds Or Curtains?

Blinds and curtains tend to let light in around the edges, or even sometimes through their fabric. Even without a blackout blind behind the frame, shutters will offer a greater level of darkness - especially when compared to venetian blinds.

Where Does Light Seep Through Shutters?

This happens in two places:
The Frame: Your shutter panels sit within their frame via hinges. This allows them to open and close like a door. It is here that there is a space, approximately 2-3mm, between the shutters and the frame where some light can get through.
The Slats: A small amount of light can seep through the gaps where the slats will overlap. Solid panel shutters are an alternative that would end this issue.


Where Do I Need Blackout Shutters?

We recommend installing blackout shutters in the bedroom if you need absolute darkness to get to sleep. You will be able to create the perfect environment for a goodnight's sleep. Especially if you have a streetlamp right outside your window. Other customers have used them for nurseries and cinemas too.


What Are My Options For Shutters?

The amount of light that can be stopped will be dependent on your shutter style and design. Larger slats can have a greater impact on blocking out light than smaller sizes. Or, you can have a solid panel which would remove slats all together and block out even more light.