Why Are White Shutters the Most Popular Choice?

DIY Shutters 31/12/2021 12:00:00 PM Colour, Shutters, White

White is by far and away the most popular colour for shutters. Besides adding a crisp and clean look to any space - while matching with any style of décor - they are great for pairing with the existing colour of your room. After all, white goes with anything. But there is more to white window shutters. So, keep on scrolling to find out why our customers cannot get enough of them.


Brighten Any Room

Is your room starting to feel a bit dull and dreary? If so, it sounds like adding some brightness will add that extra energy it has been missing. Luckily, white shutters will do just that. White shades will bring extra light to any space, all while adding an airier and more open atmosphere. And apart from looking fantastic, they work to protect from the sun’s rays, meaning you’re not in danger of overheating during those warmer summer eves.

white shutters


Traditional or Modern, White Shutters Work Anywhere

If you’re blessed with a traditional home, white wooden shutters will be a perfect fit. By adding an elegant and classy touch to your windows, they are sure to blend seamlessly with any traditionally inclined décor. Or perhaps you’re living in a new build. That’s fine too, because white plantation shutters can bring a sleek and minimalist look to your home. Or, if you’d prefer something a bit more striking, they can be used to juxtapose an already existing palette, giving the space a bit more edge. And don’t forget that we offer a wide range of whites, so you can find the best tone for your windows.


A Timeless Fixture

You may or may not have read that - for those who like to stay trendy - you should redecorate your home every five years. If this sounds like you, you should ask yourself, “Do I really want to buy new shutters every five years?” If you’re like us, then you don’t like the sound of this. Luckily, if you go for white window shutters, you won’t have to worry about this. White compliments any colour, so you don’t have to worry about colour matching when choosing a new scheme for your room. In fact, did you know that white plantation shutters have been used for hundreds of years? It doesn't get much more timeless than that.

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The Perfect Pairing

During any interior design project, choosing your colour palette can prove difficult. Fortunately, from reveals to sills to mullions, windows tend to be white. This ensures that when you choose white shutters, you’re going to be matching to many of your rooms features. This gives you one less decision to worry about.

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