Bifold shutters

DIY Shutters 14/01/2021 09:42:49 AM

Looking to open your shutter panels regularly, but want them to neatly fold away to the side of your window as if they weren’t even there? Then bi-fold shutters are the window dressing for you. Sleek, stylish, versatile and timeless, they are the perfect solution for practically any window. And they work fabulously with French and balcony doors too! Read on to find out all about how bi-fold shutters work, or click below to start shopping for bi-fold shutters.


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What are bi-fold shutters?

The term ‘bi-fold’ describes any shutters with more than one panel, with each panel hinged together so that that they can fold flush against one another. This way, you can have the panels fully open and keep them neatly out of the way, allowing maximum light to flow into your room, not to mention minimise the clutter in your interior space. Ours come equipped with magnets on the frames, so once they’re folded together, they’re nice and secure.


Which windows do bi-fold window shutters work best with?

The nature of bi-fold shutters allows you to fold and store them at a 90 degree angle from the wall. With this in mind, they work best with windows that are positioned next to a wall at the same angle, 90 degrees (i.e.: extending at a right angle from where the shutters are installed). Not only do bi-folds look great on large windows, but they work a treat for French doors (with two or more panels that are able to fold together) and tall doors or windows opening out onto small balconies, such as a Juliette balcony. They can work well on smaller windows too, with smaller panels to compensate.

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Are folding window shutters easy to install myself?

Yes, they are! With the help of our easy-to-follow DIY measuring and installation guides linked below, you should never be stuck. All you need to install shutters is a drill, spirit measure and screwdriver. The panels will come made to measure, so all you need to do to achieve the bi-fold effect is to slot them together using the hinge pins provided. Then attach them to the shutter frame that you have already attached to your window or door frame using the pre-drilled holes and provided screws. If it sounds easy, it’s because it is! And for extra backup, the team are on hand to help you at any step of your installation.

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How do I measure and order shutters that fold back?

Get the measuring right and the rest is a breeze! Firstly download the measuring guide relevant to your window or door (and watch the accompanying video). If you need a little extra reassurance, email us a picture of your window and we’ll provide measuring guidance unique to your situation.

Measure the width and height of the area you’ll be fitting shutters to (the measurements will be the size of the frame, with the panels sitting inside). Make a note of the height(s) at which you’d like any mid rails to be installed (where there is a natural divide in your window or door, such as a sash or horizontal grille), and then go ahead and start configuring your shutters using the link below. When choosing panels and slats, be sure to have the image illustrating a hinge connecting your panels in the ‘how the panels open’ section.

Once you’ve placed the order, a member of the team will be in touch by phone to confirm everything is correct. Rest assured that our factory will not start work on your shutters until you’re happy with everything, so you can always make last minute changes over the phone with us.
And there we have it – your bi-fold shutters will soon arrive, ready to be installed. Click below to get the ball rolling!

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