Are window shutters expensive?

DIY Shutters 24/07/2020 11:32:36 AM

Strolling along practically any street in the UK, it’s probable that at some point you paused to admire a home adorned with window shutters. You may have been struck by their effortlessly clean appearance, stylish qualities and the kerb appeal of the home in question. You may have considered that something so classy must be expensive, but that’s not strictly true.

Here, we’ll explain why shutters can provide an affordable, easy-to-install, stylish and long-lasting addition to your home.



How much do window shutters cost?

Let’s get right down to it. Our window shutters start at £159 per square metre. They are the among the cheapest comparable shutter product on the market given the fact they are made using quality hardwood, whereas others are manufactured using cheaper, lower quality substitutes. By fitting shutters yourself you cut out the middleman, saving as much as 50% versus a company that offers a full installation service for much the same product.

To give you an idea of how that translates into actual windows, a typical Victorian terraced home’s living room bay window measures around 5 square metres. So yes, shutters are more expensive than most curtains or blinds, but most importantly they can enhance the value of your home, something no other window covering can.

That’s right, by becoming part of the (semi) permanent fixtures and fittings, they contribute to your home’s value and that all-important kerb appeal. What’s more, with minor cleaning, they can last for years and years.

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Are cheap shutters good quality?

Our shutters are made using high quality, long lasting paulownia hardwood. Not only do they look great, but they’re tough as well. Most cheap shutters on the UK market are made using MDF (medium density fibre), a lower quality substitute. As we mentioned early, the reason we’re able to offer a premium product at a comparably low price is that we don’t employ installers, meaning we can pass the cost savings onto you. It’s easy, even for DIY novices, something we’ll cover shortly.


What are my options from a style and colour perspective?

Whilst a white painted, full height shutter covering the entire window is our most popular combination, the options really are endless. You can choose from painted, stained (both smooth finish) or limewash shutters (natural grained finish), available in 13, 11 and 4 different shades respectively. We have the aforementioned full height shutters alongside café style (half height), and tier on tier (two separated panels on top of each other). 

And then from a nuts and bolts perspective, you can even customise the size of your slats, number of panels you’d like, the way they open…even the colour of the hinges. The process of choosing and making the shutters unique to you is a really pleasurable one. Better yet, we’re here to help at every step of the way.

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Are cheap shutters hard to install myself?

In a word, no! Even those of you with little DIY experience should be able to install our shutters relatively easily. The key is getting the measuring right, something we help you with thanks to our handy guides. Once you’ve done that, all you’ll need is a drill and screwdriver to get the shutters onto your window frame. Everything will be delivered to you made-to-measure, with frame holes pre-drilled and simple bowtie joints to snap everything together. Put together an IKEA table or chair before? Then window shutters shouldn’t prove too tricky. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer team are here to help at every step. We’ll work with you to get the measuring and installation process spot on. Email or live chat with one of our shutter experts.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up some free samples and start your journey to cheap shutter utopia today!

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