Top tips for maintaining your shutters

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A common question we get asked is ‘What is the best way to clean shutters?’. We know you want them to look as good in 20 years as the day they were installed. Especially in Kitchens and Bathrooms that are at prone to splashes and spills, or children’s playrooms with a risk of being drawn on with crayons and face paint. The great thing about shutters is that they are easy to keep clean and dirt can be simply wiped off them, unlike curtain or blinds.
This applies to all our ranges, styles, and finishes from Hardwood, Faux Wood, painted or a stained finish. No matter what happens your shutters can look as good as new for years to come.

Cafe style shutters

How to Clean Shutters 

Firstly, let’s look at what mistakes to avoid when cleaning shutters.
Cleaning with Excessive Water: As plantation shutters are usually made of wood, cleaning with excessive water is best avoided. A damp cloth can be used, however if your shutters become drenched the water can cause your shutters to warp and its colour to degrade over time.
Note: We also offer a Faux Wood Range which is waterproof and can be cleaned with water 

Using Liquid Cleaners: The less exposure to liquids your shutters have the better. If your shutters do become very dirty over time and a liquid cleaner is needed, then we would recommend using a small amount of vinegar 

Irregular Dusting: Dusting your shutters down on a regular basis such as once per week, removes excess dust and decreases the need for having to use any liquid cleaners. The less you need to use liquid cleaners the better 

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The Best way to Clean Shutters: Removing dust

Use a Feather Duster: Simply run the duster over the shutters and in between each slat, dusting off the top and bottom and removing any dust that may have built up. If you don’t have a feather duster a clean dry cloth will suffice.

Use a Vacuum: Just attach the upholstery extension to your hoover to remove and dirt that may be stuck. At this time, you can hoover up and dust that has fallen on the floor or furniture. 

Swipe a dryer sheet over your shutters: No, you haven’t read that wrong. Run a dryer sheet over each slat and this will help prevent any dust build up. Reducing the amount of cleaning you’ll need to do in the future. 

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Cafe style shutters


The Best way to Clean Shutters: Removing dirt 

Using a damp cloth. If you are to use any liquids to help remove dirt or grime, we suggest using a slightly damp cloth soaked in vinegar. Rub lightly until the stain lifts. Not too hard as this made impact the finish or impact the paintwork of your shutters
Note: Never allow ANY liquid to dry on your shutters as this will damage the fibres of the wood and lead to warping over time. Once the dirt or grime has been lifted simply dry the shutters off with a dry cloth

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