The benefits of shutters

DIY Shutters 12/06/2020 02:13:00 PM

Shutters are a beautiful addition to any window, adding style and enhancing the character of the room. But what else do they offer aside from kerb appeal? Shutters have numerous practical benefits, including privacy and warmth, and can even add value to your home. 

Below, we answer some common questions our customers have had before they bought their shutters.



Do plantation shutters block out light?

Shutters do a great job of reducing most light in a room, so suit anywhere in the house. As shutters are a great solution for light reduction, they work well in the bedroom to make sure you get a great nights sleep too! 

As well as reducing most light when closed, you can adjust the slats to give you complete light control during the day. This means you can catch that late afternoon sun whilst reading a book or reduce the glare on your television without having to close them completely. You wouldn't get that with curtains!

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Will shutters suit my home? 

Yes! Shutters suit any home, whether it be a period property or a new build. There are a range of different styles: full height, tier on tier, cafe style, all with different tilt rod options. Our shutters are solid hardwood, and there are three finishes to choose from: stained, painted or limewash, each with several different colour/stain options. Take advantage of our free sample service, so you can see exactly how the finish will look in your room. 

You can be sure shutters will suit your home as they are all custom made, meaning they are bespoke to your windows from the measurements you provide. 

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Are shutters easy to measure? 

We often get asked how easy it is to measure your own shutters; and the answer is: very! 

You certainly don't have to be a DIY expert, with the use of our guides and how-to videos, you'll be measuring in no time. There is a guide for each type of window, with step-by-step instructions to make sure you get it spot on. And if you have a question, our expert team are on hand; just drop them an email or give them a call

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Do shutters reduce road noise?

Shutters are a fantastic solution for reducing noise from outside. The solid hardwood provides soundproofing you don't get with other window dressings; perfect for city living, or just some peace and quiet.  

What insulation do shutters provide?

The solid hardwood also provides a layer of insulation, keeping in the heat during winter, and reducing glare from the sun in warmer months, whilst letting airflow from your windows. This means they maximise the efficiency of your home and can reduce energy bills. 



Do shutters help with privacy?

Forget about dodgy net curtains; shutters are a great way of providing privacy in your home whilst maintaining a timeless look. They are great for ground-level windows to shield from passers-by, but the slats are adjustable, so you can move them to suit whichever angle is needed. 

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Are shutters good value for money?

A lot of people think shutters are a pricier option, but in reality, most of this expense comes from full measure and fit services. DIY shutters cut out the middleman, meaning you can install a premium product at a fraction of the cost. And it doesn't stop there; shutters are a semi-permanent fixture that adds timeless style and can even increase the value of your property!

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Are shutters easy to clean?

Shutters are very low maintenance. Simply wipe down from time to time with a damp cloth to keep them looking good as new. 

We’re confident that now you know all the benefits of shutters, you’ll be itching to get your tape measure out! Order free samples today and get started with our easy to use measuring guides.

Just remember our dedicated team are always on hand to answer any queries you may have along the way. Call or email us and you will see the benefits for yourself!