Modern DIY Shutter ideas

DIY Shutters 24/06/2021 10:54:54 AM

We know what you're thinking right now, you’re thinking that shutters are only for old period properties with wooden sash windows and grand bays, just like you see in all the magazines. However, plantation shutters in modern homes and new builds suit just as well.

Whatever the age of your home, or your personal style – with over 15 years experience - we can help you design the perfect DIY modern shutters for your home.


What are the best Contemporary Shutters for your home? 

If you want the most stylish and contemporary window covering for your home, then DIY Shutters are your perfect choice. At DIY Shutters we only use the highest quality materials for your modern home.

Even with the most stylish of modern windows such as Grey & black crittall style can be matched with our extensive range of paint and stains finishes.

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For a more Traditional styles we would recommend:

  • Narrower Panels
  • Central Push Rod
  • Smaller slat sizes
  • Warm colour tones like Cream and Oyster White

If you want a more Modern look then you want to opt for:

  • Wider Panels
  • A Hidden/Concealed Rod
  • Larger Slats
  • Cooler colour tones, like Signal Grey and Vivid White

How to achieve the Modern Look?

When it comes to creating trendy and stylish plantation shutters in modern homes, you have quite a few style options, here’s some examples of how to get the look:

Full height shutters with a mid-rail

In Black Grey, with a 64mm slat and a central rod.
Image credit: @the_oldpolicehouse


Full height shutters in Vivid White

With a central rod, 76mm slats and a Mid-rail.

Image credit: @homewithlovedesign


Full height shutters in Vivid White

With a Hidden rod and 64mm slats.


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DIY modern shutters can be installed onto many windows common in new properties, including:

Shutters for Small Windows 

All our modern windows shutters are made to measure and we will work to ensure that our shutters will fit your window perfectly no matter what shape or size.

Shutters for UPVC Windows 

It may surprise you to know that you can even install stylish shutters onto your UPVC conservatory windows too. Not just that but also UPVC Bay and Sash Windows. Installing shutters onto UPVC windows is exactly the same as wooden windows, every shutter is designed and made specifically to your needs.

Shutters for French & Patio Doors 

At DIY Shutters we have seen French & Patio Doors becoming common place in modern homes. They are a superb addition to any home and having shutters can be the icing in the cake.

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When it comes to giving your home a new lease of life, sometimes what stops you is thinking that you might not be able to do it. In fact, many of our customers think that they have to build the shutters from scratch themselves, which couldn’t be further from the truth.
Instead, all you have to do is install your custom-made shutters when they arrive, with the help of our guides and videos. We’ll do everything else in between so it all goes smoothly, and at the very end of the process you can stand back and feel proud of yourself, knowing you created something you will enjoy for years to come.