Which types of homes do window shutters best suit?

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Plantation shutters are timeless. They first gained popularity in heritage homes many years ago, but you’ll see them just as often today in modern homes of all styles. There’s a reason that shutters are so prolific! Not only do they look great with any style of decor, but they’re also affordable, easy to install, and they last for a very, very long time.

Home shutters come in countless styles, colours, shapes, and are even made from a handful of different materials. Choosing the right combination will ensure that your shutters perfectly suit the aesthetic of your home. Here are some examples of which styles work best in different types of homes, but if you still have any questions, contact us and we’ll chat about what will work best for your home.

Full height shutters with a hidden rod

Plantation Shutters in Modern Homes

A modern house with window shutters stands out from other homes. We’ll help you effortlessly combine such a traditional and timeless look to fit perfectly with the latest styles in modern design.
For a modern home, we recommend going with wider shutter panels and larger slats. The boldness of this style will fit well with the decor in a modern home because of the strong lines and the overall simplicity it exudes.

We offer a variety of sizes of slats and you can use a bold shade that will stand out and capture attention, or something that will blend into the background a bit more, the choice is yours! The wider panels also make for a cleaner, less-busy, and more dramatic look.

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For an even more minimalist and modern look, plantation shutters in modern homes will often feature hidden rods, which allows the shutters to open and close without a highly-visible central rod that you’ll find with styles that better suit a heritage home.

Stained-Cafe-Style-from-CS-PR-First-Sept-2014.jpgCafe style shutters with a central rod

Plantation Shutters in Period Homes

In older homes, we tend to recommend shutters with a central rod, since this is the more traditional look. Thinner slats and narrower panels will also add a little more action to the room, and they give you the classic style that has been around for centuries.

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The Tier-on-tier style is great for period properties. The multiple layers of panels, stacked on top of each other, give an elegant and classical look while also being very functional and providing you with extra control over how much light enters your room at any given moment. These Tier on tier shutters are also best suited for larger windows, so perfect for grand bays and tall sash windows.

Browse the rest of our plantation shutter styles to see the whole range of shutter styles on offer!

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Old Window Shutter Ideas

Do you already have old shutters on your windows and you’re looking for some old window shutter ideas to up-cycle them?

Some people like to use old shutters for all sorts of different DIY projects around the home. We’ve seen people use old window shutters to build side tables, lanterns, shelves for their walls, and so much more.

You can replace your old shutters with new ones, and then up-cycle the old ones into a fun project that will keep them in your home, as you enjoy your brand new shutters on the windows. Here are a few old window shutter ideas, you could turn your old shutters into:
  • Magazine racks
  • A frame for a mirror
  • A headboard behind a bed
  • End tables or stands

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