Colour matching your shutters

DIY Shutters 17/11/2020 12:41:59 PM

Whilst white shutters are certainly our most popular - not to mention most versatile – offering, we provide a range of different shutter colours across paints, stains and limewashs. We offer shutters with both a smooth and grained finish, making it possible to achieve both contemporary and classic looks. From white through different shades of grey and finally to black, via wood-tinted stains, we can help you match your shutter colour to your home. Read on for some useful tips to get you started.



What are the most suitable shutter colours for a brick house?

When we say a brick house, we mean one with exposed red brickwork either inside or out. Where you have exposed brick on interior walls, a kind of rustic yet industrial vibe is given off. We’re imagining large metal lampshades, exposed copper pipes or lightbulbs. The Fern shade, from our limewash shutter range, goes perfectly with this interior look. The grainy, chalky, beach house appearance of the shutter will look effortlessly stylish alongside all of your other trinkets and create a centrepiece feature all on their own.


Red brick fronted houses most definitely suit a simple Vivid White painted shutter, the bright white appearance contrasting perfectly with the deep red brick. What’s more, this versatile shutter shade will complement any interior style. If you’re looking for something other than plain white, a lighter shade of grey such as Cream Grey or Grey White would work well too.

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What shutter colours work best on a brightly coloured house?

Brightly coloured houses work best with darker shutter shades. So, for example, a yellow house with grey shutters would be a classic combo – the darker the better. Dusty Grey (painted shutters range), Wenge or even Matte Black (both stained shutters ranges) would work well with yellow, whereas a simple white shade suits any form of pink or bright green paint. Wood stains such as Natural or Honey don’t work as well for brightly coloured houses, but match beautiful to a neutral scheme.


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Which shutter colours work best on a dark coloured house?

The answer here is white, white and more white! Vivid White works perfectly with deep blue interior paint, just as much as it does when looking in from the outside at a house painted dark grey, sap or duck green.

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What if I change my interior colours and styles often?

No shutter shade is as versatile, not to mention matches as perfectly with countless different colours and styles as a white shutter. We’ve seen fabulous, effortless installations of white shutters on windows young and old, in Victorian terraces, 1930s semis, bungalows and flats. They look superb both inside and out, adding a timeless style to the homes that seems to transcend any colour scheme, style or taste.

So, if you like to rejig your paint once in a while but don’t want to change shutters every time, white is the way to go.

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