How to clean your shutters

DIY Shutters 19/11/2020 11:37:10 AM

So, you’ve taken the plunge and bought window shutters that you’ve then installed in your home. Congratulations, you did it! It wasn’t all that difficult, was it? We’re sure that you’ll be thrilled with your new interior additions, and the impact that they have on both the inside and the outside of your home.


Their high quality hardwood construction means that they will look essentially the same as they do now in years to come. But it’s important to keep them looking clean and pristine. A question we often get asked is ‘how do I clean plantation shutters?’ There are a few different methods that work well - everybody has their own preference. We wrote this piece to help you do it as quickly, easily and effectively as possible.


Why should I clean my shutters regularly?

There’s not a lot that will impact the structural integrity of our hardwood shutters. However, their sleek design demands that they be kept clean to show off their effortlessly smart qualities. If you’ve opted for white shutters, as 90% of our customers do, then little stains (grubby fingerprints) and dust can dull their fresh appearance. Simply put, it’s a largely aesthetic consideration.

What are the best ways to clean interior shutters?

Different people prefer different methods for keeping their shutters looking as good as the day they were installed. We’re concerned with helping you to understand how to clean interior shutters in the quickest, easiest and most effective way possible.

We find that a three step approach works best.

1. Firstly, wipe off any stains with an ever-so-slightly-damp cloth.

2. Put your hand inside an old sock and run it along the slats, which will help to catch or displace the majority of any dust build-up.

3. Finally, take a handheld hoover – or the handheld attachment of your normal hoover – and run it along the slats. Open the shutters and hoover behind them around the base of your window to suck up any remaining dust.

In no time at all your shutters will be back to their pristine, clean, dust-free self.

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Should I clean plantation shutters and solid shutters differently?

Owing to the lack of horizontal surfaces where dust can gather on solid shutters, dust doesn’t tend to be as much of a problem. However, surface stains are a little more common – and noticeable. Therefore, your damp cloth will be the predominate ally here in the quest to keep those shutters looking as fresh as the day they were made by hand.

How can I prevent my interior shutters from gathering dirt and dust?

We’ve found that keeping your shutter slats closed whenever possible helps to reduce the amount of horizontal surface area that dust can build up on. If, however, you like to let light in at all times, simply take steps to reduce the amount of dust around the home with regular hoovering. If you have a push rod on the shutters, use it to open and close the slats, rather than touching the slats directly. Ensure you handle your shutters with clean hands and try to show your little ones how to do the same.

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