Do Plantation Shutters Add Value to Your Home

DIY Shutters 01/11/2021 04:48:57 PM

Are you in the mood for a new DIY project that will add some new style to your home while also adding long-term value? Finding upgrades to your home that you love and that can also increase the value of your home is a perfect way to get the things you want while also making a prudent investment. If you’ve always dreamed of having plantation shutters on your windows and you realize that installing them could add a lot of value if you ever decide to sell your home, suddenly it feels less like a cost and more like an investment. Plus, they're something that you can easily install yourself.

If you decide to keep your home forever, you’ll have even more time to enjoy your shutters! It’s a win-win, especially when the upgrade is affordable and something that you can do yourself. So, if you’ve always dreamed of shutters, and you don’t mind a simple DIY project and an afternoon’s worth of work, then this is a fun and easy upgrade that can add value to your home when you choose the right shutters.

do plantation shutters add value to homeFull height shutters


Do Plantation Shutters Increase Home Value?

Whether or not people are willing to submit higher offers for a home with plantation shutters will of course be dependent on the buyer. Shutters are very well-loved by many people. They add a striking visual element to any home, ensuring that they’ll be a massive plus in the eyes of a potential buyer.

do plantation shutters add value to homeFull height shutters


There’s No Downside to Installing Shutters

Shutters are easy enough to remove so they’re not going to deter anyone from buying the home, but the strong visual appeal of shutters will certainly attract more eyes to the property.

Shutters are timeless, elegant, and very desirable to have. But it’s crucial to go with high-quality shutters that will look great for many years to come. We can manufacture custom shutters to your exact specifications, and they’ll show up at your front door for you to install with the help of our detailed instructions.

Plantation shutters increase home value because they look great and they’re very functional, and people have very good perceptions of shutters. They can be a bold focal point of the home or a functional feature that blends into the background until it’s needed.
To sum up:
  • Shutters look great. People like them a lot.
  • Shutters have a very long lifespan. They’ll look great for a very long time.
  • They add a sense of elegance and luxury to the home’s appearance.
  • Functionally, shutters are a great way to control the light and airflow of your home.

Install Shutters to Increase Your Home’s Value Today

We’ve made it easy for you to measure your windows and submit the numbers to us, at which point we’ll cut custom shutters for your home. They’ll show up, you’ll assemble and install them, and that’s all it takes. It’s never been easier or more affordable to get high-quality, custom shutters in your home. You’ll get to enjoy the many benefits of plantation shutters for years to come. If you ever decide to sell your home, these shutters can be a disproportionately big selling point when you factor in their low cost and ease of installation.

Remember, if you have any questions, our friendly team are here to help. Simply send an email to We can't wait to hear from you!