How to Install Shutters to uPVC Windows

DIY Shutters 15/11/2021 04:45:30 PM

Do you constantly ask yourself , "Can shutters be fitted to UPVC windows?" Well, we have some great news for you. The answer is YES! Shutters can easily be installed to UPVC windows as they would to wooden frames. Let us explain below.


How to Install Plantation Shutters to UPVC Windows

Firstly, fitting shutters to UPVC windows is exactly the same as fitting shutters to wooden frames. The only slight difference is that when screwing the shutters to the frame, once you feel that screw starting to bite, that’s when you need to stop.


What do you need to look out for?

Large handles are very common on UPVC windows. You have to make sure to leave enough space between the handles and the shutter frame to ensure your slats can fully open.
You may want to look at having a smaller slat size. However, if you really want those larger slats for the more modern look then you can opt for an inside mount frame. This will give you enough space to accommodate the slats and handles Our easy-to-follow measuring guides will help you create the perfect shutters for your windows



What if My Windows Don’t Have a Recess?

If your windows are in line with the wall and don’t have a recess you can still install shutters. These are very similar to sash windows. For this situation we offer and recommend an L Frame, which can be installed into the window or surrounding wall.

fitting shutters to upvc windows

Can I Install Window Shutters Into My Conservatory?

Absolutely! Your best options will depend on the shape of your conservatory. For a box-shaped conservatory where windows are at 90° from each other - just like a box bay window - inside mount frames are the perfect choice. Further instructions can be found in our measuring guides.
If your conservatory has windows each at 45°, then you would need to measure your shutters for each individual window, while remembering to stop screwing when you feel that bite.


What if my windows are a different shape?

Even if your windows are an unusual shape, you can still have shutters fitted. We can help create a design for your special shapes such as café style on arch windows
how to install plantation shutters on upvc windows

Why You Should Fit Shutters on UPVC Windows
  • Fitting shutters to uPVC windows is the same as installing to wooden frames. Just remember about the bite.
  • When measuring and creating your shutters, look out for the handle size to avoid clashing with the slats.
  • If your window doesn’t have a recess you can still install shutters with our L-Frame.
  • All our shutters are custom made for all types of UPVC windows, from bay windows to sash windows.
  • Even if your windows are an unconventional shape, shutters can still be fitted to your uPVC windows.
  • Our experienced team can help you with the measuring, design, and installation process.

Remember, if you have any questions, our friendly team are here to help. Simply send an email to We can't wait to hear from you!