How to Design a Cafe Style Shutter

Why should I choose a Café Style shutter?

Café Style shutters are a perfect solution to increase privacy and prevent passers-by from peering in, while also letting light flow in through the window. They are designed to cover only the lower section of your windows.


How many panels should I choose?

The first factor to consider when choosing the number of panels is the design of the window.
For example, if the window is divided into three even sections, you could consider going for three panels on your shutter.


You should also consider how you will use the shutters.
It is common with a Café Style shutter to leave the panels closed mostly and operate the slats to allow light through. If this is how you will use your shutters, you could opt for wider panels meaning more light will come through the slats.

However, if you will be opening the panels frequently, you may want to think about opting for more panels, making the panels smaller in size. This will mean that when the panels are opened, they will not protrude out as far into the room.


Should I add a mid-rail to my shutter?

Café Style shutters only cover the bottom portion of the window. As such, it is typical for this design to have no mid-rail, meaning the slats in a panel will all move in unison.
However, Café Style shutters over 1500mm tall will need a mid-rail for panel structure.

What frame and frame sides should I choose?

It is a classic Café Style design to opt for a 3-sided (Left, Right, Bottom) frame.
This means there is no top frame.
Here at DIY Shutters, we think the L frame works best for a Café Style shutter.

 What if my window is too wide for one shutter?

If your window is larger than the maximum limitation for shutters, we suggest opting for a Full Height shutter. You can then split up the window to have multiple shutter frames. Please check our Full Height design page for advice on this.