Shutters on a Tudor style house

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A Tudor style house is a fantastic place to live, for a number of reasons, and the unique style and curb appeal is a major part of it. Shutters can play a key role in the aesthetics of a Tudor style house, even if they aren't always the star of the show. These homes are known for having prominent chimneys, large bay windows, dramatic arches, stunning and useful window shutters, dormer windows, and most notably, their exposed beams.

Here are some of the traits you’ll often find with this style of home construction. They may not all be present in every Tudor style home, but all contribute to the unforgettable aesthetic of this classic English property.

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Shutters on Tudor Style Houses

Some Tudor houses have shutters, and others don’t. We’re partial towards the ones that do have shutters, if you haven’t guessed! The natural wooden lines of the shutters match the exposed wooden beams on the exterior of the home, and both styles complement one another exceptionally well. You can still have a Tudor home without shutters, but why would anyone want that?

Shutters add more than just a complementary style to the more prominent aspects of a Tudor house, though. When you have large bay windows that let in a ton of light, that’s a good thing - but sometimes you want to block the sun, or block the line of sight from nosy neighbours or passersby. In both situations, bay window shutters offer the ideal solution.

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Other Traits for Tudor Style Homes

In addition to a great pair of window shutters, here are some traits that you’ll notice nearly universally on this style of home.
  • An asymmetrical overall shape, which left the door open for architects to use irregular shapes and designs in their blueprints.
  • Front-facing gables, often more than one.
  • Large, heavy, and strong doors.
  • Black exposed timer frames
  • Roofs that are pitched quite steeply with prominent chimneys.
  • Multi-pane windows, often grouped together, or large bay windows.
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Why you should choose DIY Tudor house shutters

  • They provide insulation which can be crucial for period properties with old windows.
  • The white shutters reflect light.
  • Shutters provide complete control over the light that enters you room
  • When closed, these DIY shutters offer total privacy.
  • The solid nature of this hardwood product delivers natural noise reduction.
  • Choosing DIY Shutters saves you money compared to full measure-and-fit companies

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Why DIY Shutters Work So Well Visually on Tudor Style Homes

Tudor style homes are perhaps best known for their exposed beams, it’s one characteristic that stands out immediately, and the combination with shutters is just very aesthetically pleasing.
You don’t always see that level of care or thoughtfulness put into newer homes, but perhaps hundreds of years from now, people will be looking back fondly at the modern styles that don’t particularly excite us today.
In any case, what’s old is always new again, with Tudor style homes being a great example of this, and with shutters themselves also going through a renaissance, it’s a great combination and will be for many years to come.

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What style of Tudor house shutters should you choose?

Like all homes, a variety of shutter styles will suit each and every window, and the style and colour choice are ultimately down to personal preference. We do, however, have some tips for perfecting your Tudor choice.

  • Due to the exposed beams of Tudor homes, our range of wood stained shutters complement this period of property beautifully.
  • Alternatively, if you find the rooms dark in your Tudor property due to all the luxury dark wood- opt for a white shutter that will reflect all of the natural light.
  • A lot of Tudor homes have lead patterns on the windows, so we'd recommend a simple full height design, to ensure the aesthetic of your windows isn't too busy.
  • Order a Free sample to see our colours and quality for yourself.

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Does Every Tudor Home Have Shutters?

Not every Tudor home has shutters installed, but once again - we’re partial to the ones that do! If you have a Tudor home and you wish you had shutters, you’re in luck because it’s relatively easy to install shutters, whether it’s bay window shutters, or something for your dormer window upstairs. Shutters work great in every room of a Tudor home.

Why Did Tudor Style Homes Fade in Prominency?

After the 2nd World War, there was a greater emphasis on building homes quickly and practically, and the unique layouts and intricate styles of Tudor houses didn’t fit the bill for making housing as affordable, quick, and practical as possible.  Nonetheless, to this day they’re a desirable type of home, offering a particular aesthetic that hasn’t been widely available since.