Window privacy ideas and solutions

DIY Shutters 10/09/2021 04:03:10 PM

Have you ever gone for a walk in the evening and noticed a home that has its windows uncovered and the indoor lights on, and you could see directly inside someone’s house?

Does it make you uncomfortable to think about everybody who walks past your house being able to see inside? You’re not alone! Let’s talk about the privacy concerns that many homeowners have, which inspire them to search for the best ways to cover their windows while still maintaining plenty of airflow and light.

Window privacy
Cafe style shutters

3 Options for House Window Privacy

Things like curtains and blinds aren’t ideal because you don’t have as much control over the airflow or light, so you’ll either have to have them fully opened or fully closed. This leaves you with options such as shutters, window films, or getting tinted or frosted window glass. One of these options stands head and shoulders above the others.

Window Privacy Ideas 1: Window Film

Window films are sheets of material that you can apply to your windows from the inside, and they give you a bit more privacy. Commonly window film only covers the lower half of windows, which may still leave the possibility of passersby seeing in.
Window films are relatively affordable, and they aren’t too tricky to install, but it can be tough to get them perfect. They’re only good as a temporary fix and not a permanent solution to solving your window woes.

Window Privacy Ideas 2: Tinted Window Glass

Tinting your home’s windows is another option, but it’s also not ideal. You lose a level of control over how much air or light can get in while maintaining privacy. If you have windows that open, this eliminates the benefit of the tint.
But if you have windows fixed in place that don’t open, what happens when you want to open up and let in a lot of light? You’ll see these types of windows on office buildings that face busy sidewalks, but it’s probably not a look you would want for your home.
Adding a window tint is kind of like putting sunglasses on your windows; everything will look darker outside when you look through the windows, even on a sunny day.

Window privacy ideasTier on tier shutters

Window Privacy Ideas 3: Window Shutters

Shutters are the ideal window covering for anyone who wants control over their home’s privacy, while still controlling light levels and letting in fresh air.
Window shutters are incredibly versatile, surprisingly affordable, and very durable. You can open the shutter’s slats, open your window, and let in fresh air while maintaining full privacy and having the inside of your home entirely out of view from passers-by.
When you want to let in the sunlight, you can open the slats a degree more or just open the entire shutter frame altogether. Then as the sun sets and you’re ready for privacy again, all you need to do is close the slats.

Shutters are the best privacy window coverings for the reasons mentioned above, but one of the best parts is that they’re an affordable and fun DIY project.


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Are You Ready To Improve Your Window Privacy?

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