How to Measure for an Outside Mount Shutter

Please note, outside mount is not available for our Essential Faux Wood range. 

Do I have the right style of window for an outside mount?

To measure and fix the frame as an Outside Mount, your window should be flush with the wall. It should not be sat back from the interior wall inside a recess.
The shutter frame can be mounted onto the window frame, architrave, or the surrounding wall.

This type of fixing needs a flat window surface or wall onto which it can be mounted.


What frame should I choose?

We offer one design of frame which can be used as an Outside Mount: The L Frame
Our L Frame can be used to fix the shutter as an Outside Mount. When fitting as an outside mount, the pre-drilled holes on the front of the frame are used to secure the frame by having the screws go directly through the frame.

For extra help with measuring, our frame templates can be downloaded Here

What do I need?

  • A good quality steel tape measure
  • A spirit level
  • Pen and paper

How do I measure?

​1. Decide on the location of your measuring points. 

If fixing the shutter frame to the window frame: Measure the width and

height from the outside edges of the window frame, making sure to include enough space the fix the frame to. 
If you are fixing the shutter frame onto the wall or architrave at either side of the window: Mark out the space needed on the wall or architrave for each side of the shutter frame.

Each frame side needs 42mm of space.

2. Measure the width and height from the measuring points in at least 3 different places, making sure to include the space needed to fit the frame. To measure the height for a café style shutter, measure from the bottom up to where you’d like the finished height of the shutter to be.

3. Select the smallest dimensions.

4. If the frame is limited in size by the architrave(s), we recommend reducing the sizes by 4mm*. If the frame is being fitted onto a flat wall with nothing to limit the frame size, no reductions will be necessary. *This is to account for our factory tolerance. 

Remember to include the flat space required for the shutter frame. The sizes submitted are inclusive of the frame sides you order.


Which depth frame do I need?

Choosing the correct depth of frame is very important. It will ensure that your slats have enough clearance to tilt without being blocked by the window or any other obstructions.
Firstly, decide which slat size you would like to order (64mm, 76mm, 89mm).
Next, check how far any handles or other window fixtures protrude beyond the window frame.
Then, consult the below table to work out if you would need our standard depth L Frame or our Large L Frame.


How Do I Design My Shutters?
Once you have your measurements, it is time to consider the design options for your shutters. Please read through our style guides for advice on how to design your shutters.
Keep your tape measure handy as this may be needed when choosing your design.

Full Height – Style Guide
Café Style – Style Guide
Tier on Tier – Style Guide
Ready to start configuring your shutter? Click here to shop our shutter styles.
Our team are always happy to offer design advice and measuring tips. Simply email a photo of your window to and we will get back to you with our helpful suggestions!