What are Faux Wood shutters?

DIY Shutters 15/04/2021 01:05:53 PM

Here at DIY Shutters we understand measuring, designing, and installing your own shutters for the first time can be a bit scary, and, unlike flat-pack furniture, it’s not as easy to take apart once it’s put together!
That is why we are always on hand to help you every step of the way and you’ll realise it’s even easier than you think. No more so than when you order from our British Made Faux Wood Shutters range.

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What are Faux Wood Shutters made from?

Faux wood is a plastic alternative to real hardwood. These shutters are made up of a solid core composite material that not only looks like the real thing but has the same benefits too!

Our faux wood plantation shutters come in a selection of styles and colours, so, like our hardwood shutters, you can rest assured that they'll be a style to complement your interior!

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What are the Benefits of Faux Wood? 

  • This shutter material lasts for years to come
  • Faux wood is a cheaper material 
  • PVC wood shutters are waterproof
  • PVC is easy to clean 
  • British Made for express lead times 


The great thing about UK Faux Wood shutters, as well as looking just as beautiful as real wood, they will stand the test of time. They won’t warp, fade, dent or chip as time goes on, and these faux plantation shutters will look just as wonderful 10 years from now as the day they were installed.

Value for money

These faux window shutters will also provide great value for money, as not only are they more durable than real wood, but Faux Wood shutters will insulate better than wood so you can keep your heating bills down every winter, and your house cool in the summer.


As our Faux Wood shutters are made from PVC, they can be used in areas of high humidity, like wet rooms without warping or damage. If your plantation shutters are likely to come into direct contact with water- then these DIY Faux Wood shutters are the choice for you!

Easy to clean

Similar to their hardwood counterparts, Faux plantation shutters require very little maintenance and are easy to clean, especially compared to blinds and curtains. Splashes and spills can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth, and the solid faux wood material means they won’t collect dust mites or allergens. It really is win-win!


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Why order our new PVC Faux Wood shutters? 

At DIY Shutters our turnaround time from order to delivery for British Made Faux Wood is just 10-14 days! This really is speedy compared to the 10-12 week lead time for real hardwood shutters.
By choosing DIY Faux Wood shutters, you can have your windows covered and looking amazing in a flash! 

One of the reasons behind this super quick lead time is that these faux shutters will be manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility here in the UK. You can rest assured that your new Faux Wood shutters won't have a big carbon footprint, as they won't have travelled far!

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Which rooms are faux wood shutters best for?

As PVC fauxwood shutters are easy to clean and waterproof, they're ideal for rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. So if they get a bit dirty and messy, it's ok! Faux wood shutters just need to be wiped down with a cloth to get them back to looking like new. This also makes PVC shutters an excellent chose for homeowners who have busy day to day lives, as they're an easy maintenance window dressing option. 

What are the first steps to Faux Wood DIY Shutters?

Firstly you measure your windows, and with the help of our downloadable measuring guides and printable templates- this will not be a problem.
Then we’ll get you to pick a plantation shutter style:  
Then you choose the design details to custom-make your ideal faux window shutters;
  • Material
  • Number of shutter panels
  • Size of shutter slat
  • Colour and shutter finish
  • Frame type/size
If you need any help with any aspect of these initial measuring and design stages, why not send us a photo of your window. Not only can our expert team offer window shutter design advice, but they can also mark up your photo with exactly where to measure!

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The whole process can be done in a day, so unlike the full measure-and-fit companies, there’s no need to wait 2 weeks for an initial consultation!