Affordable Window Dressings for Your New Home

DIY Shutters 06/12/2021 12:00:00 AM colour, finishes, shutters, trends

We at DIY shutters understand that when it comes to buying and moving into your new home, costs can escalate more than you thought, making those finishing touches seem out of reach. That’s why at DIY we provide affordable shutters that don’t compromise on style or quality and still give you the contemporary look for your windows.

With our cheap DIY shutters, you get the same amazing product that would be provided by any measure and fit service, but without paying the added costs…and saving you money in the process. For example, a full measure and fit service is likely to cost you more than £300 per sqm. Whereas with DIY shutters, we start at £168 per sqm. That’s a saving of over 40%!

DIY shutters

How Can We Provide Such Affordable Shutters?

At DIY shutters we are able to keep the overhead costs much lower than a measure and fit service and pass the savings on to you. There is no need to arrange an on-site consultation, installation or a follow up sales call which helps reduce costs.

No Good at DIY? No Problem

We’ve spoken to plenty of customers who have all felt the same. That is why we provide both measuring and installation guides to help you along the way. We also call you to talk you through your order before it goes off to manufacture. Just so you have that extra peace of mind.


What Are Your Options?


Full Height: This style will cover the full height of your windows. Depending on the number of panels you choose, they can open like a door or fold back on each other and take up this space
Café Style: Unlike full height, this style will only cover the lower part of your windows so you can let the light in above. They can be as big or small as you wish, and finished off with a roman blind or curtain above for the evenings.
Tier on Tier: This gives you the best of both worlds and allows you to open the panels separately from the top and bottom. DIY Shutters customers choosing this option are generally concerned about privacy but wish to maintain maximum light into the room.

cheap DIY shutters

Your Choice Of Finish
Our Painted and Stained finishes are made from quality hardwood, paulownia and have a smooth finish. Paulownia hardwood is perfect for shutters due to its light weight and smooth texture. Painted shutters come in a range of 13 different colours while Stained shutters come in a range of 11 different colours
Faux Wood has the same feel as timber shutters but are constructed from polyvinyl (PVC) which ensures maximum durability. Our Faux Shutters are made right here in the UK, ensuring a faster dispatch time than hardwood shutters. See here for information on our current lead times.

When it comes to finishing off your brand-new home and making it yours, our affordable shutters are a great option:
  • They are easy to measure and install
  • They have lots of options
  • They are bespoke and made to your desire
  • They save you £100s